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Every month I will be sharing actionable tips and tactics about email marketing, Shopify store management tips as well as SEO tactics. All geared to help your business grow and increase revenue. 

eCommerce Tips & Guides

I’ll share quick videos, and how to guides to help you start, manage and optimize your own Shopify or WordPress / WooCommerce store. Learn from our experience and mistakes…do things right the first time around! 

SEO Strategies

Using WordPress and WooCommerce for your eCommerce? How about Shopify? Well, how do you optimize your website for SEO and the best user experience possible? We’ll share simple, actionable tips on all of that and more.

Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is still a huge piece of your business! Especially if you’re in eCommerce. You have to do email marketing and do it right! Learn how to setup email deliverability, pick the best marketing platform and set up the necessary flows and campaigns.  


We’ve used many different applications, platforms, plugins, and integrations on our entrepreneurial journey. Learn from our experience and mistakes.  Make your life easier and make your business operation as efficient as possible.

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