Search engine optimized, responsive followed by a fanatical support team.  Build a solid presence online with the right e-commerce platform for your business.

Our approach
to Content Marketing

01: Strategize

Our team will work closely with your stakeholders to find out the requirements, as well as the criteria which will be used to measure success. Once the requirements have all been outlined and approved by your team, only then we will move to the design phase.

02: Value Proposition

We will present you with designs based on your valuable feedback and requirements.  Our team will use all of our resources, close partners and the technologies available to design the best solution for your specific needs and requirements. During this stage, some adjustments will be made based on your feedback before finalizing the design. 

03: Define The Business Goals

The final stages are taking the approved design, and developing it with our Shopify development team.  Once the development is complete, there will be a testing phase where all pages, links, integrations, check out process will be thoroughly tested.  Only then will we pick the day with your team to take the site live.

04: Differentiator: Value + Audience

On a regular basis, our team will keep a close eye on your new Shopify store.  Support includes maintenance, updates, patches, and content changes to better your customers’ user experience.

C.M. Trends We Pay Attention To

Hiring Talent With Diverse Skills

> Video production & editing
> Content optimization
> Communications & Customer engagement
> SEO, campaign management and more

Building Communties

> Create conversations with customers
> Feature customers in your newsletters
> Offer webinars to your community

Starting Your Podcast

> Podcasts with or without video for your brand
> Teaching new concepts to your audience
> Showcase your customers & build trust

Optimizing Your Content

> Keywords that get your content ranked on Google
> Using tools like Google Suggest, Semrush, and others for research

Short Form Video For Social

> Think IG Live and Reels
> Linkedin Live
> Video content for YouTube

Repurposing Your Content

> Repackaging of existing content
> Cross platform publishing
> Transcribing your videos and using them in newsletters or your blog

Google Web Vitals

> Website performance is huge!
> Customer experience can make or break your ranking

Testing A.I. Powered Copy

> Testing AI for creating short form copy
> Using AI to optimize product page copy

Let's Start

We need your information and a little bit more about the project to begin.

How can we help?

Still Have Questions?

Here are some of the most common Q&A regarding website design.

Absolutely. By requirements gathering, we refer to what you know you need for your operations. Our team will consult you and present various options once we learn more about what’s important to your business first.

Yes we are.  Most of our design team, content writers, and developers reside in the U.S.A.  We do have outside teams as well based in the Philipines, Armenia and India whom we’ve successfully completed many projects for many years.  Having a diverse team helps us to better provide support and optimal solutions based on our client’s location in the world.

Yes of course.  We encourage you to do all of the change requests during the wireframing and designing stages.  Once we ove to development phase, major changes will only delay and possibly increase the cost of the project for you.  But, yes you still can make changes in every stage, especially if it’s a critical change.

If we’re to host and support the website after it live, then we offer 24/7 support via phone, email and live chat service from our website.  We have various hosting and support plans available, please speak with our team for details.

We do not believe in long-term contracts. You are welcome to sign up for our month-to-month hosting and support plans if you wish. We do offer discounts if you pay 6 mo. or 12 mo. ahead of time but it is not a requirement.  If you’d like to terminate working with us, please do email or call us with that request and we’ll help you migrate even to a new provider of your choice.