SEO Strategies

Search Engine Optimization consists of multiple key elements.  Our team focuses on SEO best practices with the Shopify platform in mind.

What is SEO and What Does It Include?

This is not an all-encompassing list, but it does cover the key areas of SEO that make a difference once implemented.

SEO Basics

Setup of your Google Analytics, Search Console, Bing webmaster tools. Generating and submitting your site map, creating a robots.txt file, and making sure your website is indexed by Google, to say the least. Although there are more tactics, these are the basics.

Technical SEO

Steps to make sure your website uses a secure connection. We then find and fix crawl errors, broken links, and duplicate versions of your website. Furthermore, we ensure that your website is mobile-friendly (responsive), is using SEO friendly URLs, and has structured data.

On-Page SEO

Find, fix, and improve tags, meta descriptions, and overall content on the page. Internal and external links will be checked & improved. Images will be optimized to have ALT tags, proper size, and the creation of WebP versions. There's more to it but this is the core of it all.

Off-Page SEO

Analysis of your competitor's links, finding new link building opportunities, and setup of your Google My Business profile. We will look for and find any mentions of your content or website that has no link back to your website and add it. Backlinks are very powerful if done properly and with the right partnerships.

Keyword Research

This is one of our favorites. We'll identify your competition, find your most relevant keywords to use, and create a strategy of how to rank for those keywords. This research includes identifying the questions your customers as online and making sure your keywords and content are answering those questions in detail.

User Experience

This is kind of obvious but we want to include UX (user experience) here because all of your SEO efforts come down to user experience. Your users should and must have a good experience while on your pages. Google will reward you for that good experience and ding you for not paying attention to it. So, yes it's that important.

SEO Pricing Breakdown

This is not an all-encompassing list, but it does cover the key areas of SEO that make a difference once implemented.

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