tools we use everyday

There are a lot of tools out there to help you run your online business.  At 7Rock Marketing, we’ve been using our fair share of tools over the years.  We’ve compiled the ones that we use ourselves and can stand behind to recommend to you.  Disclosure: We are partners with most of these providers, and thank you for using our affiliate links to sign up.

From project management to customer support tools

Shopify: E-Commerce

Shopify is an amazing platform if you're an e-commerce brand looking to get started with a fast-loading, fresh website. Shopify is secure, stable, and full of add-on apps that enhance your business's ability to generate sales online.

Klaviyo: Email & SMS Marketing

Klaviyo lets you deliver amazing content and value via email as well as SMS channels. We use Klaviyo on a daily basis for our clients for both email and SMS strategies. Incredibly powerful and with a lot of integration options.


We partnered with Gorgias in 2022 because they offer a single platform where our e-commerce clients can manage live chat, support tickets, social media communication channels and more from one dashboard.


Slack is one of the best team collaboration tools out there. We use it daily to get our team communicating, share files, communicate with our teams abroad and more. I can't imagine working without Slack in the picture.


Zoom has been indispensable for us when it comes to video conferencing. Our team uses Zoom to conduct meetings, phone calls, and screen sharing with our customers. We even record our video calls as needed. Amazing.

Google Workspaces

Google Workspace is another platform we're on daily. We all know Google has incredible tools for business and team collaboration. We use Workspace for email, and file sharing. It's an excellent platform to be on for business email.


Our own team is on Basecamp v3 for project management, team communication, and just everyday task management. It is a feature-rich platform and very affordable. We highly recommend Clickup. Click below and try them.


If you're looking for a simple and feature rich task management app, Todoist is awesome. Check them out for sure, we recommend them if you're just looking for simple way to manage daily tasks.

Our platform of choice when it comes to offering reviews on your product pages from your customers. offers both a review and a rewards program as well as a ton of features like UGC (user-generated content).