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Looking to Set up Shop on Shopify?

When it comes to choosing an e-commerce platform for your business, you have lots of options.  Below we talk about 10 reasons why we think Shopify should be seriously considered.

11 Benefits Of Shopify To Consider

01: Easy to setup and use.

Most basic stores can be up and ready to transact in a day if all content is ready. If you’re a large eCommerce shop, we can put together a solid plan to get you started and also support you along the way.

02: Publicly traded company.

Shopify is a publicly-traded company with a lot of investments made in security, software features as well as a ton of integrations to support your business. 

03: Secure and reliable.

From SSL certificates to PCI compliance and 99.99% uptime guarantee, Shopify is one of the most secure platforms to be on for any size business.  

04: Highly customizable.

Yes, you can customize your Shopify website. Depending on the theme you’ve chosen and if you have someone to help you, you can do pretty much anything you want on Shopify in terms of customizations. Don’t stress :).

05: Lots of add-ons available.

There are a ton of awesome applications that you can add to your store to help enhance the user experience, some paid and some free. This helps enhance your website functionality and improve user experience and your bottom line.

06: Tons of themes available.

Free themes, cheap themes, premium themes. All are available for you to choose from depending on your industry and needs. Can’t find what you like? Create it from scratch with our team! We can custom design your theme and support it.

07: Come with a powerful POS.

Shopify offers a rock-solid POS solution. There are different price points for the POS solution, and they come with different features. Just depends on what your business needs.

08: Abandoned cart recovery.

This is HUGE! We all know that abandoned cart recovery is key to recoop lost revenue when customers add products to their cart, but don’t complete the checkout process. Shopify is very strong with helping you recover money you’d otherwise leave on the table.

09: Lots of SEO tools.

SEO is not just something you do with an add-on APP, but apps certainly help you find out what you need to focus on.  There are a lot of free as well as paid SEO apps to help, but it’s also very helpful to have SEO knowledge yourself.

10: Powerful payment gateway.

Shopify offers a powerful and very payment gateway solution with very competitive rates. It’s already in your account so set up is a breeze. Can’t use Shopify payments? No worries, Shopify has many third-party payment processors you can choose from.

11: Our 24/7 support.

We’re here to support you! Reach out to us as your Shopify support team and we’ll help maintain your store, update the theme, and help with SEO and consultation 24/7/365.  

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Here are some of the most common Q&A regarding Shopify platform.

Short answer yes.  Long answer, it will depend on how you set up and maintain your store.  Image optimization, theme selection and so on will make an impact on whether your site slows down or not.  Shopify from the starting line is fast…the rest is up to you to make sure you maintain that performance.

Compared with other platforms, setting up a Shopify store is simple even for a complete newbie.  Of course, if you’ve never worked with any of these platforms (Shopify or others), you’ll have some learning to do but nothing that’ll make you pull your hair out. Plus we’re here to help you. 

Shopify is growing very rapidly as the choice for e-commerce websites in the USA. Second only to WordPress + WooCommerce, it’s quickly gaining mass popularity among entrepreneurs of small business to fortune 500 enterprises.

Absolutely.  We can help you migrate your inventory, customers and content over to a new Shopify store.  Contact our team for a free consultation.