Shopify Migration Services Tailored to Your Business Needs

Experience a seamless transition with our Shopify migration services. We specialize in preserving essential data, ensuring business continuity, and enhancing your store’s design — all while safeguarding your valuable SEO rankings.

8 Reasons to Choose 7Rock Marketing’s Shopify Migration Services


Website Design Optimized for Conversions

Our Shopify experts will help you maximize conversions with a seamless checkout experience and an effective website design that aligns with your brand

Improved SEO Performance

Our comprehensive SEO audit and fixes guarantee improved performance, ensuring higher search engine visibility for your business.

Smooth Transition with Minimal Downtime

Our meticulous planning and execution ensure your business stays operational during the migration with minimal downtime.

Seamless, Quick, and Free Migration

Our streamlined approach simplifies and speeds up the process, and includes a cost-effective tech stack setup that reduces future maintenance costs. Plus, our migration service is free.

Reduced Risk of Website Crashes

Shopify managed hosting, our careful plugin selection, and proper third-party service integrations guarantee a risk-free migration and reduce the risk of website crashes.

Comprehensive Security Assurance

Our Shopify migration experts implement robust security measures that prevent data breaches and ensure ongoing protection for complete peace of mind.

Built for Future Scaling and Flexibility

Our Shopify migration services future-proof your store by ensuring scalability, flexibility, and effortless adaptability for additional stores and global expansion.

USA-Based Team Ensures Easy Collaboration

Working with USA-based Shopify migration experts leads to better communication and collaboration in your own time zone.

Transform Your Store Stress-Free with Our Complimentary Shopify Migration Services

Struggling with Shopify migration complexities? Choose 7Rock Marketing for a hassle-free transition. We handle the technical details, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for your business — and yes, it’s on us.

Our 4-Step Migration Process

Planning and analysis

1. Planning and Analysis

Our experts initiate your Shopify migration journey with a thorough analysis of your current website. We define clear migration goals, and craft a detailed plan tailored to your business needs and schedule.

2. Data Migration

We guarantee a smooth transition by carefully backing up existing information, migrating products, customer data, and orders to Shopify, and ensuring data integrity and accuracy.

3. Store Setup and Customization

We configure settings, select and customize a theme, set up secure payment gateways and shipping methods, and integrate third-party apps, creating a Shopify store built for your business’s success.

Testing, Launching, and Ongoing Support

4. Testing, Launching, and Ongoing Support

Lastly, our team ensures an impeccable transition to your new and improved Shopify store by meticulously testing in a staging environment, solving issues identified during testing, implementing SEO redirects, and offering ongoing support.

What Data Can Be Migrated to Shopify?

  • Name, stock keeping unit (SKU), status, manufacturer, and full description and variants, including weight, attributes, and quantity
  • Price and special price stock status
  • Meta title and meta description
  • Product tags (e.g., EAN-13 and UPC-A)
  • Product images
  • Name, description, and status
  • Images
  • Meta title and meta description
  • First and last name, email, and email marketing segment
  • Billing address, including company and/or first and last name, address lines, zip code, state, and country
  • Shipping address, including company and/or first and last name, address lines, zip code, state, and country
  • Telephone number
  • Order date, status, and products, including the name, SKU, product price, quantity, discount price, tax price, total price, order comments, and shipping price
  • Customer name, email, and billing and shipping addresses, including company and/or first and last name, address lines, zip code, state, country, and telephone number
  • Coupon code, date, and expiration date
  • Review creation date, rating, title, and the review itself
  • Reviewer’s username
  • Title, creation date, URL, and meta description
  • Written content
  • Images

Simplify Your Store Transition with 7Rock's FREE Shopify Migration Services

Struggling with Shopify migration? Choose 7Rock Marketing for a straightforward transition. We handle the technicalities, ensuring a stress-free experience for your business. And the best part? It’s complimentary.

9 Benefits of Migrating Your Store to Shopify

1. Enhanced User Experience

Optimize conversions with Shopify’s user-friendly interface. Streamlined checkout experiences, compelling website design, and unparalleled UX create a seamless path for your customers.

2. Higher Average Order Value (AOV)

Implement upselling and cross-selling with ease through product bundling and recommendations, boosting AOV with personalized promotions and seamless checkouts.

3. Improved Search Rankings with SEO-Friendly Structure

Boost your search presence effortlessly with Shopify’s SEO-friendly structure. Increase reach, fix past SEO issues, and retain SEO juice with a professional migration.

4. Effortless Business Scalability

Overcome growth challenges, seamlessly scale, and simplify international expansion for a dynamic and adaptable online presence.

5. Enhanced Functionality with Extensive App Ecosystem

Enjoy seamless integrations, explore diverse design options, and access advanced features for a tailored and effective marketing strategy.

6. Amplified Brand Reach Through Mobile Responsiveness

Whether on desktop, tablet, or mobile, ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience, expanding your brand’s presence and connecting with a broader audience.

7. Build Trust with Integrated Payment Options

Integrated payment options enhance the checkout experience, ensuring a seamless process that boosts trust and conversions.

8. Ensured Website Security and Compliance

Robust security measures and PCI DSS compliance reduce breaches and minimize crashes, ensuring your online presence is secure and compliant.

9. Dependable 24/7 Support for Your Website

Rely on Shopify’s 24/7 customer support for a solid website experience. Their dedicated team provides ongoing assistance, resolving issues promptly and keeping your online store running smoothly.

3 Ways to Migrate Your Online Store to Shopify

Built for Future Scaling and Flexibility

1. Use Shopify’s Store Migration App

Using Shopify’s migration app is suitable for straightforward transitions with minimal customization needs. Some data is automatically transferred, and it doesn’t require coding skills. However, customization options are very limited; it may not handle complex data structures and require manual adjustments. Plus, it’s unable to handle large inventories, leading to errors and incomplete transfers.

2. Migrate Your Store Manually

You can migrate to Shopify and transfer all data manually if your store is very small. While this option gives you full control over the migration process, it’s incredibly time-consuming and labor-intensive. There’s also a high risk of human error.

3. Hire a Shopify Migration Expert

Hiring a Shopify migration expert ensures a seamless and error-free transition, tailored to your business needs. You’ll have access to professional guidance and support, get a fully customized migration, and experience minimal downtime and issues. However, this service is typically expensive. We offer our clients free and expertly executed Shopify migration services.


You should migrate to Shopify if you need:

  • Superior features your current ecommerce platform lacks
  • A high-converting, user-friendly interface with integrated payment options
  • An extensive app ecosystem for added functionalities
  • Comprehensive customization options
  • Seamless scalability for business expansion

Before making a decision, evaluate if your current platform aligns with your business needs.

The time it takes to move your store to Shopify depends on its size and complexity. If it’s a simple setup, it could just take a few days. But if your store is big and has lots of details, it might take a few weeks to make sure everything goes smoothly.

To transfer products seamlessly between Shopify stores, we utilize the Store Migration app or work with CSV files, depending on the complexity of your store. We also ensure precise mapping of product data and conduct thorough verification for data accuracy post-transfer.

The cost of migrating to Shopify varies depending on your store’s size and complexity. DIY options may have minimal costs, while hiring experts typically incurs service fees. We offer our migration services for free. Hop on a discovery call with us to find out how you can get your store expertly migrated to Shopify at no cost.

We ensure a seamless SEO transition to Shopify by implementing 301 redirects for old URLs, preserving metadata and structured data, and promptly notifying search engines of the migration. This way, you retain your search rankings and online visibility.

No, SEO in Shopify is very user-friendly. We ensure optimal search engine performance for your online store by optimizing product descriptions and meta tags, keeping your content fresh through regular updates, and more.

Yes, Shopify operates on a subscription fee model. The costs vary depending on the chosen plan, each offering different features. Additionally, there are potential transaction fees, which can vary based on your business needs.

It likely is. Shopify shipping provides discounted rates, offering savings for your business. Rates depend on your chosen plan and shipping method. For the best rates, consider comparing Shopify’s offerings with third-party options to make an informed decision — we can advise you on the most cost-effective option for your business.
Absolutely! Many businesses find success with Shopify. However, success hinges on your strategy and execution. Make the most of Shopify’s resources and tools and work with experts, like us, to optimize your Shopify journey and ensure long-term success.

Simplify Your Store Transition with 7Rock's FREE Shopify Migration Services

Struggling with Shopify migration? Choose 7Rock Marketing for a straightforward transition. We handle the technicalities, ensuring a stress-free experience for your business. Plus, it’s our gift to you — complimentary and expertly executed.

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